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Living with HIV


Living with HIV in Estonia

If you have recently arrived in Estonia or are planning to move here, you will find information on how to live a full life with HIV in Estonia.

If you suspect that you may have HIV, get tested for HIV

Testing is the only way to find out if you are infected with HIV. Testing is free of charge even if you don’t have a health insurance.

You can find a suitable place for getting tested for HIV free of charge at HIV counselling and test centres

What should you do if you get a HIV diagnosis?

Today, HIV is a chronic manageable condition – if you start your treatment immediately after getting your diagnosis, you can continue your life just as everybody else.

If you know you have HIV, start or continue with ARV treatment

In case you get a HIV diagnosis, you should start the ARV treatment as soon as possible. ARV does not cure you of HIV but it can stop the progression of the infection. ARV treatment helps you to stay healthy and live a full life.

ARV treatment and medicines are free of charge for people living and working in Estonia even if you don’t have a health insurance.

From March 2022, all services funded by the National Institute for Health Development targeting people affected by HIV are also open to war refugees

Go to see an infectious disease doctor

In order to start or continue your ARV treatment, you must make an appointment with an infectious disease doctor or ask for a referral from the HIV counselling and test centre upon receiving the test result.

If you have received the treatment before, take the information on your earlier treatment in your country with you to the infectious disease doctor’s appointment.

Ask for advice and help

How to live with HIV?

Learning how to live with HIV can be a difficult task and take a lot of time and effort. You cannot cope with all hardships alone. In many situations you might need the experience and help of other people with HIV (experiential counselling) as well as experts (psychological or social counselling). COUNSELLING AND SUPPORT SERVICES CONTACTS

If you wish to move to Estonia or live here permanently, consult with migration advisers.

  • Tel          +372 612 3500 (E-R 9.00-15.00)
  • e-mail   migrationadvice@politsei.ee
  • Skype    EstonianPolice_MigrationAdvice

You have just arrived in Estonia and you:

  • wish to know how things are done in Estonia and where to begin.
  • wish to feel settled and adapt to life in Estonia more smoothly?
    • Take part in the adaptation programme trainings. Choose a suitable module and register on the website.
  • wish to work in Estonia?
    • Consult with the advisers at the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.