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A lubricant, also called lube, can make sex more enjoyable. Lubricated condoms already have lubricant on them but you can also buy lubricant separately from a pharmacy, a shopping centre or a sex store.

How do lubricants work?

A lubricant makes the condom softer and more durable. If you put it inside the condom before putting it on, it will give men a warmer and softer feel. It you put it on the condom, it will make the penetration smoother.

What kind of lubricant to choose?

A lubricant must always be water based because Vaseline, hand cream, oil, butter, margarine, whipped cream, chocolate, marmalade, likewise liqueurs and other alcohol, tanning oil and other similar products make the latex brittle and the condom may break. To start off with, or if you don’t know your partner’s preferences, the best lubricant is the kind without special additives, scent and taste.

  • Water-based lubricant (SK-70, Astroglid, etc.): lubricated condoms already include it.
  • Spermicide lubricant: neutralises sperm and should the condom break, this lubricant will help protect against unwanted pregnancy and several sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. This should be put inside the condom because this will prevent the partner from getting an allergy and at the same time it will give the man a more pleasant and warmer feel and also offer additional protection in the event the condom breaks.
  • Flavoured lubricant: this is good for putting on a non-lubricated condom or safety membrane film before oral sex.